#BeritaBaruNakUp S01E01: Aidilfitri protests
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#BeritaBaruNakUp S01E01: Aidilfitri protests

Round-up of Malaysian social media for the week ending May 14, 201.

Selamat Hari Raya, Salam Lebaran, Eid Mubarak!

Hope you are enjoying your time off wherever you are despite Malaysia going into its third Covid-19 lockdown like we never learned from the first one.

If you love families trying to force their grumpy cats into a Raya photo, here is our attempt:

Some updates:

Too many issues and trends online, too little time to write! So I plan for a weekly shortie round-up of interesting stories on the Malaysian social media that will also be available to free subscribers, while only paid subscribers can access the longform 2,000-word essays.

If all goes well, these round-ups will come out on Fridays, and the essays on Mondays.

I am glad to announce that #BeritaBaruNakUp has already received a number of monthly subscribers, and shoutout to Samantha Cheh for being my first yearly subscriber! All of your trust and support has been really humbling, and it will serve as a motivation for me to continue this project.

Now, on to this week's round-up after the jump! 👇

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