#BeritaBaruNakUp S01E07: crusade against LGBT lifestyle
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#BeritaBaruNakUp S01E07: crusade against LGBT lifestyle

Round-up of Malaysian social media for the week ending June 25, 2021.

Salam everyone! I have not been very well in the last few days with a mix of back muscle sprain and the after-effects of continued lockdown, with only Euro 2020 recaps and Trese on Netflix to tide me over (it's really good, loving the Hellblazer vibes! I'm just slightly bitter that a Filipino has re-popularised keris in Western pop culture now 😂).

But onwards! Last weekend (June 19), I attended bootcamp for my Product Immersion Training Programme with CUNY Craig Newmark J-School, News Catalyst and Google News Intiative [previously covered in S01E05] and it was really a fulfilling time.

Updates on #ProductImmersion

I heard from several speakers including Stanford d.school's Justin Ferrell and Stuff.co.nz's Sinead Boucher – the latter was particularly personal for me to hear her rise to a news organisation's CEO despite sharing similar academic background with me, it gave me so much hope.

But the biggest thing I learned was definitely how to start looking at the news industry away from the top-down, editors-know-best approach towards a new product-based, audience-centric view. This table sums up the difference:

This week's JoJo (his left eye infection seems to be getting worse despite the eyedrops we've been giving him, he can barely open it now 😫 Time to visit vet soon):

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