About #BeritaBaruNakUp

"BBNU" is the initials of the Malay slang "budak baru nak up" – roughly meaning "up-and-coming" or "hype", but also sarcastically refers to someone who is clueless and aggressively seeking attention or trying too hard since they are new to the scene.

#BeritaBaruNakUp is a collection of essays that attempts to explain Malaysian social media, online trends and phenomenons, pop culture, and their intersection with socio-politics, economy, and business. Imagine Reply All if you will, but for Malaysia.

All subscribers will receive a weekly round-up of Malaysian social media news on Fridays, while only paid subscribers will receive access to exclusive 2,000-word essays on the internet and pop culture every Monday.

BBNU is written by Zurairi A.R., a Putrajaya-based journalist with nearly a decade of experience focusing on religion, human rights, current affairs, and pop culture, and a public commentator on Twitter at @zurairi.

Zurairi currently serves as an assistant news editor with Malay Mail, the East Asian representative of the International Association of Religion Journalists, and a co-speaker for social audio news outfit SHAZU Speaks.