#BeritaBaruNakUp S01E02: the laksa war on the road to 10k
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#BeritaBaruNakUp S01E02: the laksa war on the road to 10k

Round-up of Malaysian social media for the week ending May 21, 2021.

Here wishing everyone had a fairly anxiety-free Raya break amid the escalating numbers of new Covid-19 cases.

Are you sick of Raya food yet? We had leftovers nasi himpit and wanted to make soto with them, but my mom was way ahead of us – so in the end we managed to eat soto, but still have leftover nasi himpit.

Funny story: I tried to reheat leftover soto in our microwave but forgot there was a boiled egg in it, and BOOM, it exploded. Guess which guy had to take some minutes off work to clean the inside of his oven?

Here is this week's obligatoy cat photo, a lewd JoJo giving me the stink eye after I caught him napping in the air-conditioned office while I was writing this:

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